Family Health

It’s been a couple of months of nightmares.

Mum has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She’s currently receiving Chemo and it’s draining her. Every time they weigh her at the hospital, she’s lost more weight. Averaging out now at 10lbs every couple of weeks. I know she has it there to lose but the cancer is just eating her alive and even she looks gaunt now. It’s not good at all.

My dear friend Claire, her father now has advanced Lung Cancer. It does not look hopeful at all.

Me, meh, usual rubbish but the head pressure hasn’t gone back down to normal for a few months now. I’ve been getting nose bleeds every single day for the past three weeks. It’s getting annoying. Not only can I not think straight with all that’s going on but head pressure compounds it. There are days (probably 4/7) where it’s a totally miserable existence and even knitting or nipping down to the garden is an impossibility.

About claireejknits

Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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5 Responses to Family Health

  1. rocalisa says:

    That sucks for all of you. Sending good wishes from this part of the world and hoping things get better for you all soon.

    • Thanks Kerry. It’s all looking a bit grim at the moment. Hoping things improve for everyone but it looks bad…very hard to look at the future and see good things.
      Love your new avatar with Marcus.xx

      • rocalisa says:

        Thanks re the avatar. It’s one of the pictures from our night at the hotel last weekend. I’m slowly putting a wordpress blog together (a fan site) so suddenly I’m using it all the time and it seemed only sensible to put up an avatar.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Love you, dearest Claire. *huggles* You and your family/friends are in my prayers.

    And hello to rocalisa (Kerry), that’s a familiar name that I haven’t seen in awhile 🙂

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