Test Knitting

I have always been intrigued and slightly jealous of people who do test knits for designers.
They get to see a design before it hits the world as a fully fledged pattern.
I won’t ever feel that jealousy again 🙂 Here I am, knitting a lovely design with horrible charting and badly written/over thought instructions.
It’s interesting trying to concentrate when you know your best friend’s father is lying in a hospital 15 miles away dying…literally. Either way, it’s a lovely design but the pattern is not good yet. I hope it can be improved when it’s fully released.
I am learning stuff all the time. A year ago, I was scared to use a knitting chart and swore I would always prefer a written pattern. Hah, conquered that one. Now, onto beading a knitted design as I knit it. Yup, I know I will be able to do it but haven’t done that before either.
Next, I will learn to knit with more than one colour in a row at the same time. Tracy of http://www.inkcircles.com has a hugely talented Mother, Cindy Wasner. Her http://www.norskneedlework.com designs are amazing. They are like mini or maxi (depending what you choose to knit)versions of Tracy’s charts. The Quaker hat is a must knit for me. Eep!!

Well, if I can do everything else, then, I can do that too! Watch this space but don’t hold your breath. Blue isn’t a good look on anyone.
Bye for now.xx

About claireejknits

Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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