Steve and I had a fabulous day out yesterday.

It was another Open Day at Crocus which is over at Windlesham in Surrey. It’s a huge professional nursery and we usually only go over there once a year for the post Chelsea Flower Show sell-off.

I have never once lost a plant that has been bought there. They are all such great quality and you can buy really large plants for almost silly money. We bought a lovely Magnolia for £15 and just managed to fit it in the car. I found everything I wanted including a Daphne which should flower all winter, a pretty Japanese Anenome and a biiig fluffy grass. Spent much less than expected including £25 of gifts for Mum and a soon to be 15yr old.

We shared our day with Louise and Andrew. They are two of the loveliest people I know. I met Squeezy Louise through Twitter. Anyone who ever says you can’t make real relationships online is so wrong. I have made some super lovely lifelong friends on there.

We were welcomed into their lovely home and met their sweet sweet little pussgirl, Koshka. What a doll! I have some super pictures of her on my phone and will hopefully upload them later today.

The four of us then went back over to Windlesham for dinner at Ming . Oh wow, what wonderful food we had last night. Steve and I have been there three times before and it’s always a little unnerving taking new people to a restaurant you know that you love but will they? Phew, super food, good service, great atmosphere and a lovely evening enjoyed by all.

What a day! One to remember and take out of the memory bank to enjoy again on a rubbish day.
Thank you Squeezy and Andrew for sharing our day!x

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Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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2 Responses to Crocus

  1. Knitcave says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day for everyone.

    • Oh it was! They are such a lovely pair. In fact, I can’t stress enough about just how lovely those two are.
      We wandered, shopped plants, talked lots and laughed lots too.
      Looking fwd to the next time.

      Thanks for the comment, Helen. I don’t get nearly enough.x

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