For those who sew, craft, knit or like their world “handmade”. It’s shocking, sigh.


So KAL Media, sole Director Kerrie Allman,  went into liquidation last June with debts of over 200,000 pounds .  Out of its ashes came All Craft Media, sole Director Wayne Allman, Kerrie’s husband. On 4th May, All Craft Media was placed in Administration.  We don’t know yet what level of debt this company managed to acquire in its short trading life.

ACM published Knit Magazine, Inside Crochet, Handmade Living, Sew Hip, Modern Quilting, Simply Beautiful and launched last month Handmade Fashion. 

On 30th April 2012, a few days before the Administrators pounced, a new company was incorporated in the UK – Handmade Living Limited.  Sole Director – Richard Rycroft, who happens to be Kerrie’s father. 

The administrators put the titles of the publications out for sale and they already have a buyer for some of them – Yes, Handmade Living Ltd is reported to be buying Sew Hip, Modern Quilting and of course Handmade Living. 

Now I…

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  1. thank you for blogging this, the word needs to get out to all crafters to prevent others from being burnt

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