I knew the company had to be in some way related to Kerrie Allman. For all the denials, it just seemed too quick for the buy-out to be anything other than a relation or “friend”. Watch out people. There seems to be no way to keep that woman down.


I’m sorry about the lack of updates on the continuing and never-ending story of KAL Media/All Craft Media/Kerrie Allman but I’ve been away for five weeks.  But for those of you waiting with baited breath, here goes.  If you’re easily confused, read no further.

So Tailor Made Publishing bought all the titles from the Administrators of All Craft Media and announced they would be publishing Yarnwise (formerly Knit, Inside Crochet and Handmade Living).  They appointed new, and very well thought of editors (two of whom I was delighted to meet while in England).  They also announced that they would sell on the other titles.

On 1st June, a new business, Craft Magazine Shop, owned by one Derek Barnes, issued a statement that it had bought the other titles – Sew Hip, Simply Beautiful, Modern Quilting and Handmade Fashion, AND that it would also be launching a new magazine, Handmade Weddings.  It…

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