Ahem, Coughs Quietly

Coughs quietly in the hopes of attracting attention from anyone who may have read my blog in the past.

Hello. Yes, it’s me, the long time absentee.

I don’t know when I last blogged. Yes, I could look it up. No, I’m not going to as it will just piss me off that I haven’t felt I had anything to say in such a long time.

Weird times, depressing times with some happy spots in-between, just not enough of them to even consider them worth writing about.

We’re coming up on the five year anniversary since Steve’s Dad passed away. Yes, we are still in our small flat. It’s depressing being here knowing that there is a house being made ready for us but still unliveable. It’s quite ridiculous.
However, the kitchen is in at last. The sparkly quartz work tops look stunning. There is no running water, no electricity, no bathrooms, no utilities at all as yet. We are at the mercy of the “Trades” and await their work eagerly.

I still don’t know what’s going on health wise. I swap from Private to NHS on the 18th December and will have a whole new group of people prod and poke and hum and hah over me whilst they still won’t decide if my Florid Reactive Follicular Lymphoid Hyperplasia is Lymphoma or not. If it’s Lymphoma, chemotherapy will begin. If it’s still pre-cancerous, nothing will happen. Maybe more biopsies and steroids, who knows.

We’ve had a quiet year. Steve has been ill. Petrol prices have prohibited us from our usual days out and times away and he just hasn’t been well enough to think about driving to visit friends, family or places we love. Our poor cameras have been sadly underused this year. We are now 8,000 miles down on our average for a normal year and I have only taken 400 photos this year instead of the usual several thousand. See, I said it was depressing.

Buzz has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. He’s being treated with a change in diet. The food has lower protein levels and no Phosphorous content. It makes the kidneys work less and hopefully, last longer. He is two months away from his 19th birthday so in reality, we know he’s a wonderful age and are lucky to have him.

I’m going to put knitting and spinning into another post. Thank you for bearing with me so far.

About claireejknits

Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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14 Responses to Ahem, Coughs Quietly

  1. jolaranita says:

    hello not sure my comment will show, but I am trying…sorry to hear you had bad times, I remember us waiting for our house, I do not ever want to go brought with that again, it was long and painful and frustrating…

  2. jolaranita says:

    hey! it worked…so just wanted to say I am sorry to learn that both of you were sick. I haven’t take lots of pictures lately, and I sure miss it! I have great memories of my trip to England and the time I spent with you guys clicking on any subject we found interesting and staying in the B&B all together, I am planning to visit again (as soon as possible… maybe next fall) I will probably be visiting Jim and Jen in Wales it would be so cool to see you two again, I just hope you will feel better soon! I am sending you love and energy


    • Weird times my lovely. Very weird. Am hoping once we move into the house that things will start to return to a more even keel and some normality.
      I miss our photo times and I miss our lovely chats on Multiply. Those few days away in Devon were such a delight and great fun. Please be sure to let us know when you are coming over and Steve and I will make sure we are there to visit with you xxx

  3. rifestitch says:

    Good to “see” you here again. I am hoping for good things for all of you!

  4. Hooray! glad to see you blogging again!!

  5. Neil says:

    Sorry you’ve both been unwell. The winter is the wrong time to say it probably, but hope you pick up soon. Good to see you blogging again. I don’t mind if you blog on something other than knitting from time to time.

    • Well, one of my two posts today was something other than knitting 😉 It seems to have become my life lately, Neil, that and the spinning.
      I’ll be talking all about the house soon and with any luck, maybe more photography and trips out to lovely places.
      I plan to blog about a recent roadtrip and our week in Somerset too so maybe they’ll be interesting 🙂 xx

  6. Viv says:

    Good to see you again! My blog is similarly neglected, as is my stitching. I always thought as the kids would grow my stitching time would increase. Not so! Wishing you all better things to come.

    • Hi Viv.
      I haven’t stitched in years and that’s without kids.
      Knitting and spinning appeal more to me now. I do feel some guilt over the UFOs. Poor little things. Maybe someday, maybe.
      Thank you for the good thoughts xx

  7. Kimberly says:

    Welcome back to Blogville 🙂 I hope for the best news about your health *huggles* and look forward to you getting into your house. You, Steve, and Buzz are in my prayers.

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