Spin, Spin, Spinnety Spin.

I’ve been using the above expression a lot this year. 

My life as a spinner changed forever earlier this year when Puddytatpurr said she was saving to buy and electric spinner. More specifically, a Mini Spinner from Hansen Crafts. At that time, I had no clue what that was, what one would/could do, anything at all about it.  

Anyhow, i was lucky enough to have an endowment come through during late July (yes, we’ve been in our flat 25yrs so end of endowment lol). Steve and I took a grand each from it and the rest has been spent on the big build at 47 Kings. 

I did some research into what electric spinners were and realised this would solve my co-ordination problem forever. I have a spinning wheel. She is an Ashford Joy and she is beautiful. I cannot use her. My brain simply can’t work feet and hands at the same time. Also, my swollen cankles make it difficult to treadle. When I walk, I have to watch my feet or I fall over so what chance is there of me being able to treadle and work my hands at the same time? Nah, not a hope. 

So,  I copied Puddytatpurr. I can’t and won’t call it anything else. She and I spent a mad Friday evening online ordering our mSpinners at exactly the same time. “One, two, three, press order button on the Hansen Crafts website”. 

Just over two weeks later the spinner arrived. Oh my goodness. Took it out of the box. Set it up in two minutes flat. Thought I would try plying yarn first rather than actual spinning. After all, at this point, I couldn’t wheel spin so was a little wary about any spinning other than on a drop spindle. Well, two hours later, beautifully plied yarn. Impressive eh. So, I pulled out a bag of fibre and tentatively tried to spin. OMG, OMG I’m spinning. Proper spinning with real yarn at the end of it. Yes, me, a spinner. My hands knew exactly what to do. They drafted the fibre, the mSpinner took it in and applied twist. I had yarn. That was August. I haven’t stopped spinning since. In fact, I have to force myself to knit now. I just want to spin all the time. Mind you, after four hours, my hands cramp up and I have to do something else until the next day lol. See, it’s compulsive. Another very good friend is waiting for her mSpinner now. I know it will change her life and make her feel more complete again.

i do occasionally use my drop spindles but am seriously thinking of selling a couple as I doubt I will use them again and it’s sad to see them sitting unused. I won’t say unloved as they are loved, just not used. If I go to friends and want to spin, or to Mum’s, I may take a spindle if it’s only for a couple of hours but, if it’s a trip away for a few days, my turquoise eBags  Crew Cooler II comes with. 


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Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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