In which there is tennis and drains

It’s THAT weekend. The one where I stay indoors and knit in front of the tv with the tennis on. It’s the end of year seniors matches from The Royal Albert Hall. Last year and the year before, we went to see it live on the Friday but this year, the tickets are too expensive for a seat with unrestricted view and disabled access. 

Poor Steve is meanwhile trying to fix our blocked drain. It’s somewhere between our apartment and the one below us, just in that position you can’t actually get to.

Sulphuric Acid Drain Cleaner about to be applied. Hold yer noses, that stuff reeks.  


About claireejknits

Known most places on the web as Claireej but someone else has that user name already on WP, sigh. Slightly jealous LOL.
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2 Responses to In which there is tennis and drains

  1. Kimberly says:

    Tennis, yay! Blocked drains, boo!

    Enjoy the knitting and tennis 🙂

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