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The above title is dedicated to the annoying tweeting thing outside. Yes, I know what he is…and during daylight hours I adore him…but from 2.30am onwards, I hate him. I hate him for his oh so cheerful tweeting, for the … Continue reading

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Fresh Air

I had a mini walk today. It was so sunny that I decided to go to the garden and re-fill all the bird feeders…did anyone fly by and say thank you? no..ungrateful little tweeters. I had the D80 in my … Continue reading

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Bruises make life interesting

Well, that depends on your definition of interesting but they do make it challenging indeed. Yesterday was the first day since the fall that I had to leave home and go further than taking the rubbish out to the dustbins. … Continue reading

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Oh Gosh

Ok, so it’s ages since I last blogged. WordPress is a new one to me and I’m not sure how I want to use it. I started my blogging life with Blogger, tried Livejournal (got bored with both). Moved my … Continue reading

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